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In this paper evaluation results with respect to retrieval effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction are presented.

The first, more theoretical paper, describing the ideas of Daffodil and how we will model it.

This paper presents the coauthor networks in the Daffodil context.

This paper describes the graphical user interface of Daffodil.

Resource selection (DTF)

This paper extends the decision-theoretic framework by two other techniques for estimating retrieval quality. In addition, it contains first evaluation on a 100 collection testbed.

This is the major paper which introduces the decision-theoretic framework for resource selection.

This paper introduces the use of linear and logistic mapping functions and presents an evaluation for several retrieval functions.


Under construction.

Schema mapping

Probabilistic Datalog

This paper gives an informal and formal introduction into syntax and semantics of probabilistic Datalog.

This paper introductes four-valued probabilistic Datalog, and describes how it can be mapped onto two-valued pDatalog.