DELOS DLMS - the Integrated DELOS Digital Management System
M. Agosti
S. Berretti
G. Brettlecker
A. Del Bimbo
N. Ferro
N. Fuhr
D. Keim
C.-P. Klas
Th. Lidy
M. Norrie
P. Ranaldi
A. Rauber
H.-J. Schek
T. Schreck
H. Schuldt
B. Signer
M. Springmann
DELOS Conference on Digital Libraries

DelosDLMS is a prototype of a next-generation Digital Library (DL) management system. It is realized by combining various specialized DL functionalities provided by partners of the DELOS network of excellence. Currently, DelosDLMS combines text and audio-visual searching, offers new information visualization and relevance feedback tools, provides novel interfaces, allows retrieved information to be annotated and processed, integrates and processes sensor data streams, and finally, from a systems engineering point of view, is easily configured and adapted while being reliable and scalable. The prototype is based on the OSIRIS/ISIS platform, a middleware environment developed by ETH Zürich and now being extended at the University of Basel.

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