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Linking freeWAIS-sf with other Systems

WWW Clients

Linking was tested with:

WWW Server

By Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin <syj@ecmwf.int>

Linking was tested with:

Direct WAIS access for CERN httpd 3.0 is easy to provide with freeWAIS-sf-2.0. The only thing you need to do is rename the WAIS libraries in CERN httpd Makefile's.

If you're a lucky guy and your system supports imake, you need to:

If your system doesn't support imake, you need to update manually the WAIS libraries in the Makefile pertaining to your architecture and the top-level Makefile. And think about how easy life would be if only you had imake.

Gopher 2.1.1

By Steve Hsieh, originaly written for freeWAIS-sf-1.0

In `gopher2_1_1/gopherd/Makefile':

replaced original SFWAISOBJ with:

   SFWAISOBJ       = ../regexp/libregexp.a ../ir/libinv.a ../ir/libclient.a \
                     ../ir/libwais.a ../ir/liblocal.a ../ir/libsig.a \
                     ../ui/source.o ../lib/libftw.a
solaris & SunOS
   SFWAISOBJ       = ../ir/libinv.a ../ir/libclient.a ../ir/libwais.a \
                     ../ir/liblocal.a ../ir/libsig.a ../ui/source.o \
                     ../regexp/libregexp.a ../lib/libftw.a

In `gopher2_1_1/gopherd/waisgopher.c': change


Run Configure in freeWAIS-sf. See section Running Configure.

For the following configure questions, `required' means that I had to use that value to get gopher to work with freewais-sf. `doesn't matter' means that the decision is up to you ....

Do you want to use your systems regexp.h (no)?  no <-- required
Will you have HEADLINE files greater than 16 MB (no)?   no <-- doesn't matter
Use your systems ctype (no)?    yes <-- required
Do you want to compile with -DLOCAL_SEARCH (yes)?       yes <-- required
Do you want to use the modified URL handling (no)?      no <-- doesn't matter
Where should the installation go (/usr/local/wais)? (specify your own path)
Do you want to use shm cache (no)?      no <-- doesn't matter
Disable the UDP packet sending (no)?    no <-- doesn't matter

Make freewais-sf ... create symbolic links to in gopher2_1_1 to the appropriate freewais-sf directories ...

In `gopher2_1_1':

ln -s ../freeWAIS-sf-1.0/ir
ln -s ../freeWAIS-sf-1.0/ui
ln -s ../freeWAIS-sf-1.0/lib
ln -s ../freeWAIS-sf-1.0/regexp

Edit `gopher2_1_1/Makefile.conf' `gopher2_1_1/conf.h' as necessary for your system and site.

Make sure to uncomment -DFREEWAIS_SF in `Makefile.conf' !

make gopher ...

In the case of an `index type not recognized' error, test an index on an database that has been reindexed using the newly compiled waisindex in `freeWAIS-sf-2.0/ir' (as opposed to gopherindex) just to make sure that there really still is a problem...

Use `waisindex -export ...' It is important that the host and port information is compiled into the `database.src' file, even if the searches are local! I have my gopher, wais , and all the databases all on the same machine. It is also important that the waisserver is running.

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