freeWAIS-sf and CERN httpd

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freeWAIS-sf and CERN httpd

Direct WAIS access for CERN httpd 3.0 is easy to provide with freeWAIS-sf 1.1. The only thing you need to do is rename the WAIS libraries in CERN httpd Makefile's.

If you're a lucky guy and your system supports imake, you need to:

If your system doesn't support imake, you need to update manually the WAIS libraries in the Makefile pertaining to your architecture and the top-level Makefile. And think about how easy life would be if only you had imake.


Jean-Philippe (

There is also a CGI Gateway especially suited for FreeWAIS-sfwhich enables usage of Mosaic forms for searching. See the SFgate Documentation and Demos on our http server.


Ulrich Pfeifer
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