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Name:Dr. rer. nat. Claus-Peter Klas
E-Mail:claus-peter.klas@gesis.org   (PGP info)

Research Interests

My research interests were in the beginning as research assistent in the area of automtatic classification of documents. Within the DFG projekt Daffodil this moved to the areas:

During my dissertation and ask task leader in DELOS Network of Excellence i started to research in the evaluation of digital libraries. The dissertation is now submitted and the defense should be done by end of May.

My complete CV can be found here: CV. Since August, 1st 2007 i am employed at the distance university Hagen, chair of Multimedia and Internet Applications.

International activities

Contact person in projects

A Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries (FP6)
Distributed Agents for User-Friendly Access of Digital Libraries
Peer-to-Peer Architectures for Federated Search of Complex Digital Libraries

Involved in projects

Classification and Intelligent Search on Information in XML
Resource Selection and Data Fusion for Multimedia International Digital Libraries






M. Agosti; S. Berretti; G. Brettlecker; A. Del Bimbo; N. Ferro; N. Fuhr; D. Keim; C.-P. Klas; Th. Lidy; M. Norrie; P. Ranaldi; A. Rauber; H.-J. Schek; T. Schreck; H. Schuldt; B. Signer; M. Springmann (2007).
DELOS DLMS - the Integrated DELOS Digital Management System. In: DELOS Conference on Digital Libraries. , Tirrenia, Pisa (Italy).
Norbert Fuhr; Giannis Tsakonas; Trond Aalberg; Maristella Agosti; Preben Hansen; Sarantos Kapidakis; Claus-Peter Klas; Lazlo Kovas; Monica Landoni; Andras Micsik; Christos Papatheodorou; Carol Peters; Ingeborg Solvberg (2007).
Evaluation of Digital Libraries. International Journal on Digital Libraries (IJDL) 8(1)

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Claus-Peter Klas; Hanne Albrechtsen; Norbert Fuhr; Preben Hansen; Sarantos Kapidakis; László Kovács; Sascha Kriewel; András Micsik; Christos Papatheodorou; Giannis Tsakonas; Elin Jacob (2006).
A Logging Scheme for Comparative Digital Library Evaluation.. In Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries. Proc. of the 10th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2006)


Claus-Peter Klas (2004).
DELOS WP7: Evaluation. Talk at the Delos Information Day at ECDL 2004 in Bath (GB)

Diploma, Master and Bachelor theses

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