Designing a User Interface for Interactive Retrieval of Structured Documents --- Lessons Learned from the INEX Interactive Track
Saadia Malik
Claus-Peter Klas
Norbert Fuhr
Birger Larsen
Anastasios Tombros
Proc. European Conference on Digital Libraries

The Initiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval (INEX) has stimulated a large scale effort for the development and evaluation of content-oriented XML retrieval since 2002. In order to acquire knowledge about user interaction behaviour and to build methods and algorithms for supporting interactive retrieval, an interactive track (iTrack) was initiated at INEX in 2004. In this paper we discuss and compare the usability aspects of the web-based user interface used in 2004 with the application based user interface implemented with the Daffodil framework in 2005. As result we can state that we overcome the main drawbacks of iTrack 2004, such as overlapping XML element presentation in the linear list. We reused the positiv commented functionality and added new functionality like clues for facilitating the interactive retrieval which include: indication of possible entry points in a XML document, iconic visualization techniques and related terms for query reformulation.

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